We created INDIGO IMPACT with a common need to extend ideas, leverage our reach and uplift likeminded projects. It took bodies and minds within the film industry. It took people power with varied experiences, marketing knowledge, real-time activism, frames of academia, and street smarts to add insights to the constantly changing media/film/content landscape.


We convened years ago on an island to brainstorm, deconstruct and reconstruct our vision for supporting autonomous filmmaking. Since those sandy think-tank days, we have committed to widening our circle of projects by having boots on the ground, creating a feedback/information loop, and morphing ourselves and our abilities to reach higher and higher vibrations.


MARIA JUDICE is a storyteller. Through the visual, social, and mobile landscape she has crafted a space to support authentic voices in media as an IMPACT PRODUCER. She leads the charge as a producer with essential business, marketing, and creative skills. She received her M.F.A. from CalArts in Film/Video. As an award-winning writer/director, her experience ranges across new media platforms, traditional media, technology, public art/civic engagement and subject matters left of center. 


AMANDA VIGIL Amanda Vigil Is passionate about Media, Art & Education. She sees media as an access point to curriculum and pedagogical practices. She believes in the power of audience, through her work as a facilitator, Performance artist /technical director and curator.  She holds a BFA from CalArts in Film/Video. She began working with sound and image at the age of 17 with the (YBCA) Young Artist At Work program. And has worked with SF youth since then making art and impact in the city of San Francisco.


CELESTIAL PEOPLE, a standard blueprint for individuals, teams, and collectives to create a sharing CIRCLE of storytelling, presence, intention, engagement and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY to the community.  


We believe in RELATIONSHIPS. We listen with empathy. We create and share data as a transparent free information resource. We collaborate on the foundation so you can build your own damn house of your dreams.


We restore HOPE, motivation, and creativity so that you can return to pondering over a blank canvas. Together we won’t lose sight of human progress. Together we fight and stand up for the people. Together we are agents of change.

SLOAN ABIHAIDAR creates stories through visual media, film, and performance. Over the past years her work as a producer uses the power of voice and activism to create change. She focuses on the way art can play to transform society. Her stories have reached thousands with the approach of giving back to the community, audience, and the creative space. She weaves her filmmaking and marketing background for a creative take on IMPACT PRODUCING. She received her degree at The University of Michigan with a focus in Film and Women’s Studies. 


ANN HESS has decades of experience in global enterprises, desktop/mobile/tablet apps, interactive installations, and educational labs. Projects include V-Day, a global movement and series of events to end violence against girls and women, and Jessica Holcombe for Congress. Volunteer work includes San Francisco Tenants Union, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Mission Economic Development Agency, La Cocina, Greenpeace, Friends of the Urban Forest, Francis of Assisi Community for Seniors & Disabled People, and the 2nd International Conference on Raptors.

It takes guts to create something.

It takes grit to stand a part from the world.

It takes more than passion; 

it takes that "thing" we do not name


-- crazy.