A place for thoughtful and authentic voices to connect, collide, and converse — upon ideas. With words, story and images we build, extend and challenge our understandings — making us all the wiser as a result. 



Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. ― Hannah Arendt
  • Audience Building 

  • Social Media  Managment 

  • Newsletter Outreach 

  • Engagement Plans 

  • Sponsorship  

  • Film Festival Support

  • Marketing and  Distribution Campaigns  

  • Strategic Planning  

  • Website and Mobile  Consultation  

  • Crowdfunding  

Native to the experience 

A meditation on CREATIVE STRATEGIES  focused on an abstract lens of marketing and promotion to also include messaging, impact, engagement, audience building, community outreach, and independent funding through a framework of autonomous filmmaking, grassroots mobilization, and guerrilla campaigns.

Building community is to the collective as spiritual practice is to the individual. ― Grace Lee Boggs
3 Cs - Curation, Contextualization, & Community

We create CUSTOMIZABLE strategies. We outline easy to implement plans for collaboration with large or small teams, remote collaboration, and mobile application.


  • Connect the dots  

  • Identify interconnected living systems  

  • Map new territories  

  • Create prisms of interchange  

  • Live as a conduit for agents of change  

  • Disrupt systems to bend patterns  

  • Uphold intelligent operating wholeness  


I'm a reflection of the community. ― Tupac Shakur


A lens to reimagine ourselves.